The story behind Tiny Taipei

Tiny Taipei

Vivid colors burst forth to create an energetic atmosphere akin to Taiwan’s popular night markets. Feed on the energy to inspire the innate fashionista and culinary adventurer in you as Tiny Taipei provides a tangled avenue of youth pop culture and tasty delights.


生机勃勃,活力四射的色彩营造了犹如著名台北夜市般的热闹气氛;TINY TAIPEI 打造了一个结合了青年流行文化及美味佳肴的街景,足以激发及满足您成为时尚达人及美食冒险家的心愿。

An authentic night market

Minute details in the vibrant neon signs, kitsch colourful blinkers, gaudy manholes, trash bins, neoprint booths, tired lamp post, withered oriental windows, raw flooring and unpretentious brick walls bind the concept to create an ubiquitous “night market” atmosphere.



A new shopping experience

Bright lights, neon signs and a variety of quirky retailers in an intimate setting seduce the shoppers to a shopping fiesta.


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