Jalan Alor Food

Nighttime Eateries @ Jalan Alor

October 31, 2012 by C.Y. Tan

If it's one thing Malaysians know well, it's their food, and there are few better places we love than Jalan Alor in Kuala Lumpur. The street's reputation as a nighttime food haven in Bukit Bintang has been around for decades, and continues to attract hundreds until today.

Jalan Alor comes alive as early as 8pm and goes on until late at night. People come here for quality comfort food we Malaysians know and love – simply put, you haven't experienced Kuala Lumpur until you've eaten here.

Here are 4 stops you should make at Jalan Alor
  • Wong Ah Wah Grilled Chicken Wings

    Wong Ah Wah Grilled Chicken Wings

    The rumours are true! The golden-grilled chicken wings here are heavenly: perfectly marinated, crispy on the outside, and hot and succulent on the inside. The grilled chicken wings that are a must, and people order them by the half-dozens, if not the dozens.
  • Frog Porridge

    Tin Kai (Frog Porridge)

    Literally translated as "field chicken", tin kai are frogs legs, and boy, are they delicious. You can choose either the spicy (kung pao style) or non-spicy version, served with white porridge.
  • Lok Lok

    Lok Lok

    Served on a van, skewers of small bites are cooked by dipping in stock (the words "lok lok" refers to the action of dipping the skewers up and down the pots of boiling stock), then eaten with the sauce of your choice. Just grab, dip & eat.
  • Meng Kee Grilled Fish

    Meng Kee Grilled Fish

    Meng Kee can really grill a mean fish! On the outside, it has a thin, crispy skin, while on the inside you'll find the moist flesh done to perfection. You must try the super tender and delicious grilled stingray (ikan pari) when you're here!

Tourist tips
  • Always be careful with pickpockets and snatch thieves. Even with police patrols around, you can never be too safe, so always keep an eye on your belongings.
  • Go with small change as some stalls here operate on a pay-as-you-eat basis, and all of them deal in cash-only terms.
  • Be ready to be hassled by touts and trinket sellers around every 10 minutes. Just be polite and prepare to say "no thank you" a lot. It gets annoying especially when you're sitting outside, but think of it as part of the experience.
  • Most stalls have pictures on the food menus, so don't be intimidated by the environment and unfamiliar signboards on each stall.