iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 Arrives!

October 3, 2012 by Joseph Reeds

We ask: should you get one?

After months of speculation and rumour-mongering, the iPhone 5 was finally announced and made available in September across selected countries. Among the major features of the phone include a larger 4-inch screen that stretches lengthwise (but not width-wise) to allow for an ergonomic design; a faster processor that works twice as fast as the iPhone 4S; and a form-factor that is 18% thinner (7.66mm) and 20% lighter (112g) than the iPhone 4S.

iPhone 5

Predictably, much was written about the iPhone 5; some of the harsher critics called the latest phone boring and iterative, which is a fair judgement considering how the new phone lacks the “wow” factor that accompanied the iPhone 4 launch.

However, Apple continues to defy its critics by producing a phone that can blow expectations away once people use it. “The iPhone 5 looks to be the fastest smartphone we’ve ever tested,” concluded PCMag.com after a series of benchmark tests against its close competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S3.

But after all’s said, is it worth buying a new iPhone, considering the many Android alternatives, as well as the upcoming Lumia 920? We’ll take a look at the pros and cons:

Get it if you want...
  • iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S

    A bigger screen than your iPhone 4S or 4

    By making the screen taller, and not wider, the new screen-size allows you to see and do more, while still allowing your thumb to stretch across the screen – unlike the large screens of the Samsung GS3, which may be clumsily held by some.
  • A6 dual-core

    A faster, better iPhone

    The performance of the iPhone 5 is significantly better than the 4S, thanks to the dual-core 1.05GHz chip that packs in 1GB of RAM. This makes everything load faster and work smoother.
  • iOS6

    To get the best experience of iOS6

    Having developed the processor from the ground up, Apple ensures that the phone works optimally with iOS 6 – that means you’re likely to get better performance and battery life from using iOS 6 on the iPhone 5 compared to the iPhone 4 or 4S.
  • Tips on getting a new iPhone

    Tips on getting a new iPhone

    The iPhone can be bought directly via the Apple Store (unsubsidised), or subsidised with a contract offered by major telco providers. Although no date has been provided, the latest iPhone 5 is expected to arrive in Malaysia before the end of the year.

You probably shouldn’t get it if you...
  • Smartphones comparison: iPhone, Samsung, Nokia

    Like to work with large screens

    So if you’re looking for toys with large 4-inch screens or larger, you might want to consider looking at a variety of smartphones provided by Samsung, HTC, and Nokia, which have larger screens.
  • 9-pin lightning port, 30-pin port

    Have invested in many iPhone peripherals

    Among the major criticisms of the iPhone 5 was the new 9-pin Lightning port that replaced the old 30-pin port. Many peripheral devices weren’t designed to accommodate this leading to awkward connections and a few compatibility issues.
  • Satisfied with your current iPhone

    Satisfied with your current iPhone

    If you’re satisfied with the performance of your iPhone 4 or 4S, stick to it and save your money for shopping!
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